Invoiced was designed for collaboration. It's easy to invite a team member, employee, or accountant to your business account on Invoiced. They will be able to maintain their own login so that you can retain full control over your account. Once you have multiple members in your business you will be able to see which members activity is coming from, such as who invoiced the client and who recorded the payment.


Steps to invite a member:

1. Sign in to the web app at

2. Go to the Settings section in the left sidebar of the app.

3. Click on Team in the Business Settings section.

4. Click Invite Member.

5. Enter your team member's email address and click Invite. We will send a personalized invite with a link to create their personal Invoiced account (if they do not have one already). Next time they sign in they will see your business listed in the list on the top left. If they have multiple businesses they will easily be able to jump between them without signing out.