Yes! Invoiced was designed for people with multiple businesses in mind. Each business on Invoiced is its own separate entity from personal accounts. A personal account can be a member of one or more businesses. You can sign in once and quickly switch between businesses with 2 clicks. If you are a member of multiple businesses then none of the data (clients, invoices, etc) will be shared between businesses in any way.

How to add additional businesses

1. Sign in to the web app at

2. Click your business name in the top left where the big down arrow is. A new menu will fold down.

3. Click + Add Business to go through the setup process for a new business. Once you finish the set up you will see the new business you added along with your existing ones in the business selector in the top left. Use this menu to switch between your businesses.

A couple of notes: Your personal account is your own login to Invoiced so remember not to share it with anyone else. See this article to invite team members. Also, each business is treated as a separate entitty from your existing business and will be billed separately.