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Viewing Emails Sent from Invoiced

One of the benefits of billing through Invoiced is that we make it easy to track billing-related communications between you and your clients. You can recall when, to whom, and more about any email that was sent to your client from Invoiced. This feature is separate from view tracking.


Steps to view an email sent from Invoiced:

1. Sign in to the web app at invoiced.com.

2. Locate the email in the activity log. You can do this in the dashboard or in the History tab when viewing clients, estimates, invoices, payments, or subscriptions. Click on the log entry with the email you want to view.

3. A dialog will appear with more information about the email, including who it was sent to, subject, when it was sent, the message body, and any opens we were able to record. (note: these are not the same as estimate/invoice views)