We support most international currencies on Invoiced. This article walks through how to use different currencies. If you don't see your currency listed in the dashboard then please contact us at support@invoiced.com to have it added.

First, you need to enable Multi-Currency on your Invoiced account:

1. Go to Settings > Business Profile in the Invoiced application.

2. Click Change in the Localization section.

3. Enable Multi-Currency.

4. Click Save.

Now that multi-currency is enabled you can change the currency used for any invoice, estimate, or credit note by clicking Options when drafting the document. More options will appear, including a Currency option. Just select the currency you intend to use and the currency symbol will be updated.

As you issue invoices in new currencies they will be added to your list of currencies automatically.

If you want to change your default currency you can do this by following the instructions in Settings > Business Profile > Base Currency.