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Pricing Catalog

Your Invoiced Catalog represents the products and services you offer. With the catalog you can maintain a list of the items and pricing that you bill to customers.

Items from your catalog can be used as line items on invoices and as addons for subscriptions. A catalog item might be a product, service, expense, or time that you sell to customers. You only want to add items to your catalog that are not one-off. For example, you might want to add your hourly rate to your catalog. However, if you offer a one-off service to a customer then it would probably be better to just bill them with an ordinary line item.


Steps to create a Catalog Item:

1. Sign in to the web app at invoiced.com.

2. Go to the Settings section in the left sidebar of the app.

3. Click on Catalog in the Catalog Management section.

4. Click the New Item button.

5. Enter the name, type, unit cost, description, and any tax. Once you are finished click Create.


Note: Catalog items can only be archived but not deleted.


Steps to using Catalog Items:

1. You can add catalog items as line items whenever drafting an estimate or invoice. First, click the + Line Items button below the line items and then select From Catalog.

2. Select each of the catalog items you want to add to your invoice. You can also create new catalog items here.

3. Click Add to create new line items from your selection. You can change any of the pre-filled properties except for the name and type.