Our default email templates were written to be professional and clearly communicate important billing information to your client, however, we understand these defaults do not work for everyone. It's easy to change the default email templates we use for emails.

The email templates use Mustache for templating awesomeness. Please consult the Mustache documentation to learn more. You can use this tool to validate your email templates. The funny-looking values like {{customer_name}} are placeholders that get replaced with the correct value, like the client's name, at send time.


Available Email Templates:

  • New Estimate
  • New Invoice
  • Invoice Reminder
  • Late Payment Reminder
  • Invoice Thank You
  • Automatic Payment Failed
  • Payment Receipt
  • Subscription Onboarding Request
  • Subscription Sign Up Confirmation
  • Subscription Renews Soon
  • Subscription Cancellation


Steps to be modify an email template:

1. Sign in to the web app at invoiced.com.

2. Go to the Settings section in the left sidebar of the app.

3. Click on Emails in the Invoicing section.

4. In the Email Templates section find the template that you want to edit and click the Customize button.

5. Edit the template's message and any options. The available template variables can be inserted by selecting a variable from the dropdown by the message box that says Insert Variable.

6. Click Save


Note on PDF attachments:

The default behavior for Invoiced is to include a button that links to the client view in the billing portal. The button text depends on the context, but might say something like View Invoice. Most emails by default do not include a PDF attachment of the document. Instead, clicking on the View Invoice will take your client to an interactive document online that supports view tracking, file attachments, commenting, payments, and also has a download button for the document.

While we recommend using the client view because of its many advantages over PDFs you can elect to send PDFs instead of a client view link. When editing an email template you can turn on Attach PDF instead of client view button option to change what gets included in your email.