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Sending an Invoice

One of the major advantages to using an online billing system like Invoiced is how easy paperless billing becomes. Not only does it save paper, your customers will receive invoices instantly. By using Invoiced to send your invoices we will keep track of when and where an invoice was sent, and also if it was viewed by your customer.


Steps to sending an invoice:

1. Sign in to the web app at invoiced.com.

2. Go to the Invoices section in the left sidebar of the app.

3. Find and open the invoice you want to send. Please make sure that the customer associated with the invoice has an email address on file before proceeding.

4. Click Send Invoice button near the top of the screen. If you don't see it then you can always go to More > Send Invoice.

5. The next screen will have the subject, Blind Carbon Copy (BCC), and message pre-filled using your email settings. You can customize these fields further if you want. The resulting email will also include a button to view the invoice online. When everything looks right click the Send button.

6. The email will be added to the send queue. Once the email has been sent it will show up in the history for the customer and the invoice. Emails are usually sent immediately after being added to the queue.