Collection Modes: Automatic versus Manual

Invoiced supports 2 different collection modes for customers, automatic and manual. The collection mode is chosen by you when creating or updating a client's profile in the dashboard.

Automatic collection mode will automatically charge your customer's payment source for each invoice that is issued on their account. Currently the only payment source supported is credit cards.

Manual collection mode requires that your customer pay each invoice manually using a payment method you accept, like credit card, check, wire transfer, etc. You can also set the default payment terms (i.e. NET 30) on your client's profile when creating a new client or editing an existing client. Any new invoices for this client will be filled in with their default payment terms. Manual collection mode is the rock-solid invoicing workflow that we have had since day 1.


Adding a Payment Source

First, you must have Automatic selected as the collection mode for your client. Then, a payment source (credit card) can be added within the dashboard when creating or updating your client by checking Add Card and filling out the form. Your client can also enter their payment info by signing in to the billing portal and going to the Billing Profile page. 


When are payments for automatically collected invoices attempted?

An automatically collected invoice will be attempted within 1-2 hours of issuing it. You can also click the Pay Now button from the invoice screen to collect payment immediately. Should the first payment attempt we will retry the payment automatically up to 3 more times according to the following schedule until an attempt succeeds:

- 3 days after the previous attempt

- 5 days after the previous attempt

- 7 days after the previous attempt


What emails does Invoiced send for automatically collected invoices?

Failed payment - sent when an automated charge fails and includes a button for your customer to update their payment information


What happens when a customer in automatic collection mode does not have a payment source?

When a customer has no payment source then any automated payment attempts will fail. We still retry payments according to the retry schedule, but the payment will not succeed until a valid source has been added.


Can I still create manual invoices for customers in automatic collection mode?

Yes, but this choice must be made before you issue the invoice. At the top of the invoice there is a Turn off Automatic Collection button to convert the invoice to manual collection mode.