Canceling a Subscription

All great things come to an end, including recurring billing. When you want to stop billing a customer you can cancel their subscription from the Invoiced dashboard. Your customer also has the option to cancel their subscription if the subscription is not a fixed duration (billing cycles = 0).


Steps to cancel a subscription:

1. Sign in to the web app at

2. Go to the Subscriptions section in the left sidebar of the app.

3. Locate the subscription you want to cancel and click to open it.

4. Click the More button in the top right and then click Cancel Subscription.

5. Confirm to immediately cancel your customer's subscription.


Steps for your client to cancel their subscription:

1a. Go to the subscription page by clicking the Manage Subscription button from any subscription related email.

1b. Alternatively, they can get to the subscription page by going to the billing portal, signing in, going to Activity page and then the Subscriptions tab, and then clicking Manage next to the relavent subscription.

2. Click Cancel Subscription and confirm. The subscription will be canceled immediately and they will receive a confirmation email.