How Pricing on Invoiced Works

We priced Invoiced to scale for a wide range of businesses with varying needs. When starting out you choose a plan based on the features and invoicing volume you need. Any extra customers that you bill beyond the amount included in your plan cost extra, depending on your pricing tier. Our Pricing page has the latest pricing tiers on Invoiced along with a pricing calculator.

We calculate the number of customers you bill within each calendar month. Customers are counted as actively billed if they received an invoice, estimate, made a payment, or have an active subscription within the calendar month. Your current montly usage is displayed in the lower-left hand corner of the dashboard and on the Billing page. This counter is updated once per day. You can see usage in past months on the Billing page.

Once you reach your plan's quota we send you an email. Any additional customers that you bill within that calendar month will cost extra. We add any additional usage on the next month's bill, or perform a separate charge if you are billed annually. If you feel a mistake has been made when billing for extra usage then please contact us.