On Invoiced you can control the wording and appearance of your documents when rendered in the browser or as a PDF.

The appearance can be changed by giving you full control of the underlying HTML and CSS templates. Please be aware that is an advanced feature and requires that you are familiar with HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. You can read more about customizing the templates in our developer docs.


Steps to edit your document appearance:

1. Sign in to the web app at invoiced.com.

2. Go to the Settings section in the left sidebar of the app.

3. Click Appearance in the Invoicing Settings section.

4. The Wording tab allows you to modify the copy used on invoices, estimates, and receipts.

5. The Appearance tab allows you to modify the HTML/CSS of estimates, invoices, and receipts.

The HTML templates use Mustache for templating awesomeness. Please consult the Mustache documentation to learn more. You can use this tool to validate your HTML templates.

6. Once you are finished click Save.